Grubhub, Hulu, and Scotch…for Warmth…

I was recently offered a new job that starts in November and I decided to take my PTO from my current job after giving notice and just take a little time off.  I still have quite a bit of time, but this is not going as planned.

I had hoped to get more writing done.  Maybe organize the closets and get all of the fall/winter clothes out.  Donate clothes that are too small for my daughter.  Clean the gutters.  Sew a wedding dress.  Meet someone to marry.  The usual To-Do list.

So far, I have:
– Started a book, then scrapped the book
– Started another book, scrapped that one too
– Finished six seasons of The Sopranos
– Started Sex and the City
– Finished a large pizza
– Tried all of the flavors of Doritos that I have never tried before


The furnace went out and I can’t get a technician out here until Monday, so I sent my daughter to her father’s house.  It’s not that cold here, but it’s a little too chilly inside for a toddler.  I thought “Great!  I can spend the entire weekend writing, uninterrupted!”  Her father invited me to stay at his house until the furnace was fixed but I used my writing as an excuse not to.  That, plus I would rather chew on a lightbulb than see him for more than five minutes.  Just for the moment; that will change tomorrow.  We are a teeter totter.

I have been sitting in bed covered up all day with my laptop sitting next to me.  I have had a few ideas, but every time I go to start writing I distract myself with green olives or plucking my eyebrows.  Plus I am so very comfortable!  The last time I was able to stay in bed I had a migraine and it wasn’t long before my daughter found the kitchen knives.

I have even watched two hours of the local news.

Sure, with a toddler sometimes us parents do need time to just lie in bed without getting peanut butter in our hair.  But the more I sit here the guiltier I feel.  Is this what us parents do to ourselves?  We can’t lie around for one afternoon without this sick feeling in our stomachs nagging us to get one chore or another done?

So, with all of that being said and I am sure a little rambling, I have decided to call it quits on this day and just succumb to Hulu.  Oh, and the Ultimate Cheddar Doritos taste like vomit after a night out.  You’re welcome.

This toast is for you, all you working parents, stay-at-home parents, single parents, smelly parents, helicopter parents — I hope you all follow me and lie in bed for the rest of the day.  Not my bed though, I don’t think there is enough room.




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